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This privacy policy covers your usage of and interactions with this website. The data controller responsible for this website is So Chic Interiors Limited. If you have any questions in relation to our use of your details, write to us at 92-93 Peascod Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1DH United Kingdom. In addition to any circumstances described below, we may share any data we collect if we are required to share data with the legal authorities to fulfil our obligations under the law of England and Wales. If we wish to access or share your data in any way not described in this privacy policy, we will contact you beforehand and only proceed with your explicit consent.When submitting a form on this website, the submitted data is sent to us. We use this data to contact you in relation to your enquiry. Access to data we collect is limited to the members of our staff who require that data to perform their duties.We may occasionally make changes to this privacy policy. Following any changes, the date at the top of the privacy policy will be updated. If any change allows for the wider access to or sharing of data, such changes will only apply to data collected after the date of the updated privacy policy. 
Environmental and Ethical Policy 
At So Chic we are committed to uphold the highest possible standard of corporate responsibility in every aspect of the business. We trade with the suppliers who also adopt the same high standards and ethical practices. We trade with the companies who share our values and use materials and manufacturing process that are ecologically sound. So Chic strives to maintain sustainable standards in all aspects of business. At So Chic we realise that we are part of the natural system and the way we live and conduct business must also be in alignment with the way nature co-evolves and maintains balance. 
Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 
So Chic is committed to ensuring that all waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We work with Grundon Waste Management who comply with the ISO 140001:2004 certification to minimize our impact on the environment 
Product Policy 
Each project from So Chic benefits from a tailor made design concept as distinctive as the people it serves. So Chic has high endorsements for its customer service and products. 
We work to ensure that our marketing practices are considerate of our customers’ needs and wishes and protect vulnerable groups and we have strong standards and controls in place to protect our Partners’ and customers’ health and safety. 
Each year we will set ourselves improvement priorities in our management of human rights and will report on progress. 
Animal Welfare Products Policy 
So Chic Ltd is devoted to using responsibly sourced raw materials including the use of products derived from animals. This policy is a commitment to uphold the So Chic Ltd animal welfare principles for all animal. 
Animal Welfare principles: 
- No animal will be slaughtered specifically for the production of So Chic Ltd products. Only by-products of the meat industry will be used. 
- No products will be derived from endangered species, defined as those from verified groups with commodity codes such as CITES, UKBA, DEFRA, the UK government websites, Red List or such groups. 
Our suppliers are required to ensure these standards are met. 
The following information must be provided as a minimum: 
- The name of the species (common name) 
- The country or area from which the animals derive 
- Certificates from verified groups with commodity codes such as CITES, UKBA, DEFRA, the UK government websites, Red List or such groups. 
The following materials do not comply with our business principles for animal welfare and therefore must not be used in our non-food products: 
- Endangered species - species must not be used that are defined as those which appear on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), from the UK government websites or Red List. 
- Angora rabbit fibre - must not be used in any product. 
- Animal Fibres – e.g. wool, cashmere, and mohair must not be obtained from live plucking of animals. 
- Fur – which are not certified, must not be from endangered species or farming in the UK as per regulations. 
- Feather and down - must not be obtained from the live plucking of birds or from birds used in the production of Foie Gras 
- Astrakhan / Karakul – must not be used, or any other leather/skin products which are the product of unnatural abortions 
- Leather/skin product - must not be obtained from live skinning (e.g. reptiles) or live boiling 
- Cow hide - must not be sourced from India 
Last modified 20th May 2018 
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